cracking the acting code

Jumpstart Your Acting Career!

So you want to become an actor...but you don’t know where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The acting business can seem extremely daunting, intimidating and honestly it can be very challenging - if you don't have the proper tools and know how. From knowing your type, all the way to finding an agent. "Cracking​ ​The​ ​Acting​ ​Code:​ ​A​ ​Practical​ ​Step​ ​By​ ​Step​ ​Guide​ ​to​ ​Becoming​ ​a Professional​ ​Actor" provides the answers to your questions about how to break into the Hollywood scene. Learning EVERYTHING we wish someone shared with us before we wasted YEARS on struggling to find our way.


You​ ​want​ ​to​ ​be​ ​on​ ​set?​ Well the steps in our book will lead you there. Taking all the confusion and overwhelming nature out of the business, leaving simple easy steps for you to follow.

What You’ll Learn

Applying the wisdom accumulated from years spent in an intimate setting with the art and business of acting, we have stripped away a lot of the preconceptions often associated with the industry and have mapped out a clear guide to your future success.

Learning too much too soon can actually be overwhelming and stop you from moving forward. Focusing on the small steps to achieve the larger goal. In this guide you will find ONLY the necessary steps to go from aspiring to professional actor.


Styles & Tones

Discover The Different Styles And Tones of Acting & How to choose the right class for you



Learn all you need to know about taking your best and most effective headshots


Know Who You Are

Learn a really cool way to discovering your type


Get Technical

Creating the perfect Resume & Reel


Being Proactive

Know the best tools and channels for Self Submissions


Finding an agent

Find out the best ways to get good Representation that’s worth the percentage

Who Will Benefit


Adults & Children

All ages are able to gain the necessary insight to becoming a professional actor.


The Aspiring Actor

If you’re directing your hopes and ambitions toward this profession, this is for you.


Theatre Actor

The world of Theater is a bit different than TV & Film, this guide with help you transition.


Social Media, YouTube, Instagram Performer

Maybe you’re great at short form performing such as the popular Instagram skits or sharing your ever so entertaining rants on YouTube. But, what you really want is to break into long form performing such as tv and film. Not really sure where to start, we’ll walk you through the steps to cross over.


Seasoned Actor

The acting industry is constantly changing. If it's been awhile since you've been active, this guide will help you dive back in.